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Spirulina a magical food

The benefits of spirulina: a (really) magical food?

The adjectives that generally qualify Spirulina are meliorative: antioxidant, antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulant … Spirulina does not lack qualities! But what exactly are the benefits of spirulina ? In what case can it be consumed ? A small glimpse of the benefits of this miracle “micro algae”.

Protein intake that helps to lose weight gradually

Excuse us this facility, but it is not insignificant if spirulina rhymes with proteins. Indeed, we count 65g of proteins for 100g of spirulina against 20g for 100g of beef. The blue “micro-algae” is composed of amino acids essential for our organism such as lysine, methionine or cysteine.

This is its strength since, while many plants also contain amino acids, spirulina contains the essential amino acids (i.e. the 8 to 9 amino acids that the body cannot synthesize by itself). Spirulina therefore stands out for its nutritional richness, particularly suited to vegan and vegetarian diets.

Thanks to this richness in proteins, spirulina helps to feel fuller faster and reduces the temptation to snack between meals. It is therefore a super food to be preferred in case of dietary rebalancing. With time, bad fats will be an old memory…

Spirulina has also been proven to help lower total and LDL cholesterol levels while increasing the amount of good cholesterol. A good alternative to drug treatments in case of hypercholesterolemia .

Fight against fatigue thanks to minerals and trace elements

Spirulina is also rich in iron, zinc, copper and magnesium. All of these minerals are known to have an action on fatigue and improve asthenic and anaemic states. Cyanobacterium is particularly recognized for its effects on hypochromic anemia, drastically reducing iron deficiency in consumers.

This improvement is also due to the fact that spirulina has an action on the immune system: thanks to an important contribution in micro and macro nutrients, spirulina acts positively on the immune system.

More generally, its high amount of potassium, calcium and selenium helps the proper development of our body and promotes our immune system. According to a 1999 study, its intake of potassium and calcium promotes the excretion of radionuclides. The effectiveness of this action against radiation is also proven by the study conducted by the Research Institute of Radiological Medicine in Minsk in 1993: in 20 days, the level of radioactivity present in the urine of children irradiated after the Chernobyl accident decreased by 50%.

Spirulina offers endurance athletes a better recovery.

A good cocktail of vitamins to be in Olympic shape

If you are looking for a food rich in vitamins A, E and B, spirulina will satisfy you. Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B3 (nicotinamide), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) and vitamin B9 (folic acid) are found in this green “micro algae”.

And if we tell you that we find more vitamin B12 in spirulina than in red meat, do you believe us? For several decades, numerous studies have been carried out to prove the richness of spirulina in vitamin B12.

Moreover, top athletes (and even Sunday athletes!) are fond of spirulina: it optimizes muscle oxygenation during effort and helps recovery after fairly intensive sessions. And this is one of the main benefits of spirulina currently for the vegetarian / vegan community.

The benefits of spirulina for the body, hair, nails and skin

Because it is one of the foods richest in beta-carotene, spirulina is an ally of choice to help strengthen your immune system. It also plays a role in the detoxification of the organism since it facilitates the evacuation of the various toxins present in our body.

It is also very plebiscited in the cosmetic field, in particular in the care reserved for the skin, the nails and the hair.

If it does not protect against UV rays, it can be consumed as a “pre-exposure” cure in the sun to prepare your skin for the hot summer days. It also has a repairing action in case of sunburn or burns, thus acting as a powerful after-sun.

We also appreciate its regenerative function that helps oxygenate cell tissue and promotes the creation of collagen. Your skin is then firmed and full of radiance!

Finally, spirulina is a true beauty ally for those who wish to take care of their hair and nails. Its fortifying action repairs brittle hair and fragile nails …

Valuable help in cancer prevention thanks to its antitumor effects

Spirulina also has effects in the prevention of cancers.

In the case, for example, of breast cancer, the consumption of this cyanobacterium makes it possible to activate the “suicidal” genes of certain cancer cells. The same is true in the case of oral cancer, where spirulina helps to reduce oral precancerous lesions.

Finally, the “microalgae” also manages to inhibit the proliferation of HeLa cells, present in cervical cancer patients.

A few precautions to take

If spirulina is increasingly used in the dietetic and cosmetic field, it is nevertheless necessary to be vigilant about its quality and always check its origin. On the consumption side, everyone can consume spirulina, with the exception of people suffering from phenylketonuria, a rare genetic disease detected at birth.

Once these precautions taken, you can appreciate the virtues of spirulina on a daily basis. Boosted immune system, optimized resistance, regained shape, stabilized weight, or controlled stress… Spirulina will help you improve certain aspects of your life and promote the proper functioning of your body. A spirulina cure can be undertaken at any time of the year: it is never too late to take care of yourself!

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