You are currently viewing MyLi Cosmetics : the beauty brand committed to generous and effective cosmetics

MyLi Cosmetics : the beauty brand committed to generous and effective cosmetics

As in many other areas, our consumption of cosmetics is becoming more responsible. Whether it’s our planet or our health, we’re looking for brands that use healthy, natural ingredients. MyLi, a new-generation French cosmetics brand, is part of this approach, offering a range of vegan-friendly body and face care products 100% made in France. Its aim is to put the product back at the heart of its concerns, in its composition, its ethical commitments and even its communication, with the determination to apply a fair pricing policy.

The stars of anti-aging active ingredients

In its range of face and body care products, MyLi uses anti-ageing active ingredients recognized for their effectiveness, such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, kalpariane and caviar, while following the slow cosmetics trend.

MyLi beauty products also feature the ingredients most popular in natural and eco-responsible cosmetics: shea butter, coconut oil, argan oil, aloe vera, borage oil, rose floral water and more.

You’ll also discover Raykami, a revolutionary ingredient derived from a Japanese plant, which acts on pigmentation spots and protects against UV and blue light so harmful to the skin.

On the other hand, all ingredients that are harmful or controversial for their environmental or health impact have been eliminated. You won’t find any endocrine disruptors, silicones, parabens or phenoxyethanol.

MyLi beauty products protect and nourish the skin, brighten the complexion and have a proven anti-ageing action, and are made exclusively from natural ingredients of proven efficacy and safety.

MyLi Cosmetics: a generous, effective range

In addition to the solid cosmetics experience of MyLi’s creator, it took 18 months of R&D to design a range of 5 scientifically-based beauty treatments:

  • A body cream for overall nutrition and firmness
  • A face cream for all-round day & night care
  • A multi-regenerating face oil with a cocktail of oils and caviar extract
  • A stimulating & soothing hydrating exfoliating mask
  • An ultimate anti-aging booster serum

These beauty products are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. All ingredients are dosed and combined in a complementary way for maximum effectiveness.

For a complete beauty routine, in the morning, apply the serum to cleansed skin, followed by the face cream. In the evening, complete the routine with the multi-regenerating face oil. Once a week, exfoliate your skin with the exfoliating mask.

Once a day, after your shower, moisturize your skin with the argan oil and shea butter body cream.

Find all these products on the MyLi cosmetics online boutique, along with beauty tips and advice.

MyLi Cosmetics : a transparent, honest brand

Because consumers are looking for committed brands whose words and deeds are in phase, and which don’t engage in greenwashing, MyLi is a player to discover in the world of cosmetics.

MyLi positions itself on the natural beauty market with a fair-price policy, offering richly-active, complete and generous (caviar is used here in a facial oil) vegan-friendly face and body care products at reasonable prices, far less expensive than some luxury brands.

In a commitment to transparency, the brand communicates on the ingredients it uses, their origin, the 100% made-in-France manufacturing process, its latest news and its ethical commitments.

Effective cosmetics, ingredients that respect the planet and your health, active ingredients that boost skin beauty, all at the right price – that’s MyLi’s commitment.

MyLi Cosmetics: a community of ambassadors

MyLi aims to build on its community and turn its loyal users into ambassadors for the MyLi brand.

Since its creation, MyLi has been a collective adventure, building a relationship based on listening, honesty and transparency.

Drawing on the feedback of its testers to improve its products, while relying on the Facebook and Instagram communities of its ambassadors, this is the win-win strategy deployed by the brand to make its mark in the world of natural, committed beauty.

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