Sliced mounted ganache: all the tips for catching it

Ganache is a mixture of chocolate, liquid cream, flavoring and other ingredients. It is highly prized in pastry-making. This is understandable, since it can be used to make macaroons, truffles, cakes, entremets, to garnish a log, and so on. But to enjoy it properly, you need to get it right. A tiny mistake can cause it to be sliced. In…


Spirulina a magical food

Spirulina, a microalgae with countless virtues, is widely used in the world of sports for its effects on recovery. Here we give you some of the very interesting properties of spirulina.


The shrimp, a beautiful to crunch!

We love its flesh with such delicate marine flavors, we like to crunch it quickly (shrimp is always welcome) it could not be better: landing from the four corners of the world, we find it all year round! Shrimp consumption has exploded: in 20 years, production has multiplied by 9. In the world, about 4 million tons of shrimp are…


Winter market in festive dress

The end-of-year market looks like a fairy tale. Filled with these refined and precious dishes, your basket, for a little bit, would turn into a carriage, the New Years Eve is approaching! Let us introduce you to these festive items. Lobster, truffle, oysters, candied fruits, chestnuts: festive products for your Christmas tables Lobster It is the finest and most sought-after…


A fruity and tropical Christmas

When our orchards go numb, the incredible diversity of tropical fruits brightens up our daily lives. They bring colour, flavour, exoticism and refinement to our end-of-year tables, and promise us a very light dessert. It would be a shame to do without it! A brief review of the essentials... The mango Tasty, juicy and very fragrant, it thrives in tropical…

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