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Luxury cruises: what if it was for you?

Luxury cruise

Everyone dreams of going on a cruise, whether in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, etc. Indeed, traveling by boat is synonymous with freedom or a way to explore other countries. The big question is to know the price or the services of a luxury cruise. Discover in this article our advice to facilitate the choice of your cruise.

A cruise on a luxury yacht is now possible

Luxury cruise tour operators

There are several luxury cruise tour operators capable of providing you with quality and tailor-made services. Here are some examples.


Pegase will take you to discover several places on the planet Earth. Whatever your destination (Spain, Cyprus, Morocco, Vietnam, etc.), Pegase ensures your cruise and plans each trip down to the smallest detail.


MSC Cruises offers you an unbeatable approach to hospitality, professionalism and dedication. With this company, the concern is to ensure the pleasure of every person on board.


For 30 years, Travelworld has been guaranteeing every guest quality service, flexibility and a good price/quality ratio.


Cosmic Travel specializes in cruises in South America and from Mexico to Antarctica. This company has many years of experience.


Club Med is a French company that uses luxury resorts in several countries. This company offers you a better environment with an exceptional service.

Which luxury cruise to choose?

The cruise is for everyone as long as the companies exist. But the choice of cruise is based on several criteria namely:

  • The destination: This is the first criterion since it is the destination that will largely define the experience of your trip. Are you looking for beautiful islands and sunshine? The Mediterranean or the Caribbean will welcome you. If you want to explore unforgettable landscapes in the middle of nature, Nordic cruises will be more pleasant for you. But if you are looking for a more complete offer, you can follow the trend and consider a polar cruise.
  • The ship: you will spend a good part of your time in the ship. It is then good to check if the style of decoration, the number of passengers as well as your cabin suit you.
  • The ports of call: you should also make sure that the number of hours planned in each port and the excursions offered by the company are to your liking.

Price of a luxury cruise

The choice of a cruise depends on your budget. Of course, the price depends on your destination, the duration and the comfort you want. Ask several people how much they spent on a trip to the same destination as you. This will give you an idea of what you can expect to pay.

As with an all-inclusive trip, be sure to look at what’s included in the price your tour operator displays. Compare it with the money you would spend if you had to pay for lodging and meals. For example, for a cruise in Italy, you can spend more than 150 euros per day for 2 people including accommodation and 2 meals. For 7 days, the total brings you to 1050 euros. It will therefore be difficult to find a week-long cruise for less than 500 euros per person for this destination. And even if it exists, it will certainly be out of season (in a mini cabin without porthole) with poor quality meals.

Some rates allow you not to take your wallet out during your entire cruise. But you must plan a substantial budget at the beginning. For example, for a week in Florida, the minimum rate is about 3 000 euros per person. The rate takes into account everything you will consume on board. In short, everything is at your disposal including alcohol, activities, tips and excursions.

However, keep in mind that the fare does not include flights. For example, if you are going on a cruise in certain countries such as Asia, you will have to add the price of the plane tickets. If you take an excursion during the stopovers, this will often be at your own expense or considered as a supplement.

What are the services offered during a luxury cruise?

The services offered during a cruise vary according to the luxury cruise tour operator. Do the staff understand French? Are they accessible to address your concerns? Are meal times free?

Be very careful about making hasty comparisons between a cheap cruise and a high-end cruise. If you calculate all the extras, the difference may not be so great. Indeed, a luxury cruise will offer you the services of a 5 star hotel and the comfort of a suite with a permanent sea view.

Everything is set up to make you feel like a king or queen (restaurants, pools, etc.). The style may not appeal to everyone, but the amenities leave no one indifferent. For example, at any time of the day, you can ask for a glass of champagne or even a sandwich. A dream, right?

Think about your comfort: for example, make sure you can get a good night’s sleep without being disturbed by noise.

Luxury cruise in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is a paradise destination par excellence. Between white sand beaches, clear waters, palm trees and tropical breezes, all the conditions are met for a cruise you will never forget. The choice is offered to you on the West Indies, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago or the Bahamas. You’ll be spoilt for choice when you consider a Caribbean cruise.

But there is nothing more beautiful than a Caribbean cruise in winter to come back refreshed, with a tan to envy and with a little salt on your skin. The boat is therefore the best method to move from island to island to live fabulous moments.

Luxury cruise in the Arctic

To follow the route of the great explorers by going to discover the Great North is an exceptional thing. A cruise in the Arctic is the promise of a journey in a polar desert made of ice and water. The climate offers this territory incredible riches in terms of flora and fauna.

As you travel, you will discover a landscape composed of ice, tundra, mountains, etc. It is also a territory in the wild state where many animals live side by side like the polar fox, the caribou, the penguin, the whale and of course the polar bear which is a real master on the ice floe.

If you opt for a cruise to the North Pole, you will have natural and extraordinary entertainment such as the Northern Lights which delight so many people. The cruise in the Arctic contains enormous shows to discover!

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